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What is a shippers association? 
Shippers associations are not-for-profit cooperative ventures. They are formed by shippers who wish to consolidate, transport, or receive their LTL shipments in truckload lots so as to obtain the benefits of volume transportation rates. They are organized and controlled by the members.

Northern Cargo Association was established in 1950, by a group of 6 retail and wholesale merchants who wanted relief from the excessive freight charges on their LTL shipments. They began to consolidate their shipments and were able to accomplish their goal. Today, savings of 75% - 80% are commonplace on shipments from Los Angeles, CA and Dalton, GA. Northern Cargo handles over 50 million pounds of freight for over 250 companies.

How does Northern Cargo operate?
Northern Cargo contracts with an independent firm in each of our consolidation cities, to do local pick-ups, receive freight delivered to them by other carriers and load into volume loads. The trailer is then released directly to our site in Minneapolis. Upon arrival, Northern Cargo will unload and deliver the members' freight or place it on the dock for customer Will Call. We can also arrange for interlining carriers to pick-up at our dock, per the customer's request. To protect the members' shipments while in transit, Northern Cargo only uses reputable ICC approved irregular route carriers. These carriers are required to carry cargo insurance. Transit time varies from 2-3 days from Dalton to 3-4 days from Los Angeles. We provide personalized service to all of our members and we do not charge for services that we do not perform.

Who runs the association? 
All true shippers associations are run by the membership. There must be, by law, an annual membership meeting, and the association is required to provide the members with an annual financial statement. A board of directors, charged with setting and implementing policy of the association, must be elected from the membership and hold regular meetings.

Northern Cargo holds its annual meeting each April. The board of directors meet monthly thorughout the year. The board of directors consist of at least five individuals. Elections are held at the annual meeting.

How do I join Northern Cargo?
An application must be completed and reviewed by the Board of Directors. Upon approval, a membership fee of $100 will be billed to your company. This membership fee is a one-time fee, not an annual fee.
To find out how you can benefit by becoming a member, give us a call today at (612)379-9672 or email us at info@northerncargo.net